cruise and a short term loan

Must-Pack Items for a Cruise

One of the greatest things about going for a cruise is that you will not have to pack your bag multiple times. The lodging you get on the cruise is your mode of transportation, which makes things very easy.  Even so, there is nothing as devastating as leaving some of your items at home when you go on a cruise. Also, if unanticipated circumstances have put a strain on your finances, a short term loan would be a good option. A short term loan will give you the breathing room you need to get by ’til payday.

Here is what you need to carry

Your passport and birth certificate

Keep in mind that you are likely going to exit ports at different foreign countries and you will need identification.  Without a passport, you can use an original copy of your legal birth certificate. Make sure you crosscheck for these two before you leave for your cruise.

A carry on

This is a cruise, you will start having fun them moment you are on board.  Keep some light essentials in a carry on as you wait for your language to be delivered in your room later on.  The small bag will come in handy while you are on your shore excursions.

Carry a portable charger

All your smart devices will need to be charged during the cruise. Ensure you have chargers for your smartphone, tablet, or camera in case they run out of power.

Formal attire

During the days, you can dress in a super casual way.  Most evenings, there will be a dress code that is smart casual.  Some men love a collared shirt and some pants while the ladies were some elegant but casual dresses.  Cocktail dresses and nice pantsuits will do the trick.

A quick-drying cover-up and some pairs of shorts

You should expect to get a little wet on the excursion.  A change of clothes or a simple cover-up will keep you very comfortable.

Pick the right shoes

One thing nobody forgets to pack when they are going on a cruise is the flip flops.  If you are planning to do a simple workout routine in the morning, you should throw in a pair of sneakers. Also, carry some closed, anti-slip formal shoes for nights and active excursions.

Get yourself a good pair of binoculars

You do not have to bring a pair if you do not have to. If you love nature, you would want to bring them with you. Along the way, you will see some amazing views.  You have a high chance of getting a great widow or balcony that you will use for your excursions.

Some socks and long pants

If you are planning to go for a fancy activity on the cruise like ice skating or a perfect royal Caribbean voyager, you are actually required to get a pair of socks and pants.


An evening on the deck can be very breezy and chilly.  Even a lightweight wrap will keep you pretty warm during the chilly weather. The wrap could double up as your beach towel or a colorful backdrop for your Instagram photos.

Finally, take a wrinkle release spray There is no iron in board, remember safety come first. Wrinkle spray will ensure the clothes remain perfect for the events on the ship. Not to mention, if you need a minor financial boost until you get paid, consider a short term loan.

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